Introduction to HeartMath®

This month-long live coaching class will introduce you to the tools and techniques of the only scientifically-validated system of techniques that can help you not only build compassion, but reduce stress, too!

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FREE! Responding with Compassion in Turbulent Times

Let's face it. We’re in interesting times. Many world events are creating rifts in our society and driving divisiveness between people based on race and ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, gender and more.

We don’t have to agree with other perspectives, but if we want to get to solutions, we do have to try to understand them.

And to understand them, we have to talk about them.

Help me have compassionate conversations!

FREE! 14 Days of Compassionate Diversity®

We've all heard of Compassion. We all aspire to it. But really, what is it? And, what has it got to do with diversity?

I want to know!

FREE! Compassionate Diversity® 7-Day Challenge

This free 7-day challenge will take you through the 7 Principles of Compassionate Diversity® to help you build the foundation necessary to understand, connect, and act in more compassionate ways.

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COMING SOON! Introduction to Compassionate Diversity®

Learn how to apply compassion in your life!

We'll cover:

- Applying the 7 Principles

- The 3 C's of Compassionate Diversity®

- Building an action plan for working with compassion in the world

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